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Rookery Publications

Rookery Publications (informally known as 'the Rookery') is helmed by four passionate industry veterans who have worked for some of the biggest names in the games industry. Now we're working for ourselves developing the kind of game materials we have always wanted to make without the limitations of other publisher's properties, rulesets, budgets, and schedules. As an independent studio, we are free to explore our own ideas, develop them together with our awesome community, and release them only when they meet our standards of quality.


The founders of the Rookery (formally known as 'The Parliament’) have worked on many of gaming’s most famous properties. Here is just a sample of the many games and settings they have contributed to:

Battletech, Call of Cthulhu, Critical Role, Dark Heresy, Diablo, Dragon Age, Dragon Warriors, Dungeons & Dragons, Fantasy Age, Freeport, Game of Thrones, Hearthstone, Lord of the Rings, Massive Darkness, Necromunda, League of Legends, Solasta: Crown of the Magister, Space Marine, StarCraft, Titansgrave, World of Warcraft, Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Fantasy Role-play, Warmachine, and many more.


The Parliament of Rooks


Andy Law

the ringmaster

Rookery Publications' Managing Director, Andy Law, is an award-winning writer, games designer, cartographer, producer, and wearer of many hats. He brings over three decades' experience in creating, producing, and marketing games, and is irrepressibly enthusiastic about his work.

With Andy cracking his ringmaster's whip, we benefit from his bubbling drive to create awesome settings, his abiding love of dark humor, and his extensive experience of working in the gaming industry at all levels, allowing him to tackle any job we throw at him!

You'll never guess...

  • Andy grew up in a lighthouse, and used to free-climb sea-cliffs as a child.

  • Andy is directly descended from most of the royal houses of Europe.

  • Before turning 17, Andy already ran a gaming club and managed his own games shop!


'Roll up! Roll up!

For the greatest gaming in town!'


Mark Gibbons

the seer

Rookery Publications' Art Director, Mark Gibbons, quit art college after two weeks to play bass in a glam metal band. Despite this shaky career start, Mark has honed his craft to become one of the most well-respected concept artists, illustrators, and graphic designers in the games industry.

With Mark's creative visions guiding us, we benefit from the contributions of a world-renowned artist dedicated

to confounding the expectations and limitations of independent game development.

You'll never guess...

  • Mark spent his brief time in art college painting with custard and gravy.

  • Mark had his arm broken in a contest with the British Arm-Wrestling Champion.

  • Mark has been banned from the Playboy Mansion.


'Dreamers of the day are dangerous creatures.'


Lindsay Law

the judge

Rookery Publications’ Financial Director, Lindsay Law, is an award-winning RPG writer and editor who champions diversity in all her work. Lindsay also works in UK banking, chairs charitable boards, advises on gender equality in the financial sector, and enjoys a good dance.

With Lindsay’s insightful eye watching over us, we can ensure we always make the correct choices, such as making sure she's the host for Inside the Rookery and our other online streams.

You’ll never guess…

  • Lindsay originally learned Latin so she could talk to Romans should she ever travel back in time.

  • Lindsay first roleplayed when just six years old – playing an elf named ‘Angel’ – and has never looked back.

  • Lindsay enjoys learning new things – currently she’s learning flute, Norwegian, and iaido.


'Are you sure that's what

you want to say?'


Andy Leask

the scrivener

Rookery Publications' Company Director, Andy Leask, has always loved playing games and telling stories. Also a Head of English and e-Learning advocate, by night he stalks the crooked alleyways and dark corners of the Rookery's imagination in pursuit of adventure.

With Andy's dauntless writing skill at our beck and call, we benefit from a creative mind passionate about storytelling and working with his fellow Rooks to build the best damn worlds we can.

You'll never guess...

  • Andy owes his beard to Hurricane Floyd.

  • Andy's proudest achievement is when Edgar Wright told him he had won the internet for an ice-cream-based pun.

  • Andy played games with GWAR and Steve Jackson... on the same day.


"Knowing it is one thing;

Saying it well is quite another."



(rook-uh-ree) rook∙er∙ies 

  1. the nests or breeding place of a colony of rooks.

  2. a crowded dilapidated tenement or group of dwellings.

  3. the pluckiest indie games developer on the block.

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