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The Coiled Crown is our first line of system-agnostic and modular products designed for all roleplaying games. Individually, each offers a different facet of our dark and dangerous fantasy setting for your players to explore. Combined, they form an epic adventure of endless possibilities unlike anything you've experienced before.


Adventures in the Twisted City for all fantasy RPGs


The Coiled Crown is completely modular. Much like a LEGO set is built from many smaller pieces, all The Coiled Crown supplements are built from smaller blocks that you can use, or not, according to your needs. So, you could use a Coiled Crown product exactly as presented, dropping everything it offers straight into your own campaign world, or you could use the smaller blocks – the NPCs, locations, creatures, plot lines, equipment – and build them into something perfect for your game. Our world or yours. Complete or just the bits you like. It's your choice. And thanks to our great Rookery community, more uses are being discovered every day!


The Coiled Crown is system-agnostic. That means that every supplement works with all fantasy roleplaying systems. So, no matter what roleplaying game you play, The Coiled Crown is perfect for you. Each product contains everything required to maximise its compatibility with your game, regardless of how popular or how obscure your RPG of choice may be. The Coiled Crown even works with personal home-brew game systems!


The Coiled Crown leads you on an extraordinary, sweeping journey through a sprawling urban landscape that is dark, dangerous, and rotten to its core.

At its heart is a twisted city of gilded fortune and endless promise, where merchants bustle and opportunity abounds. A city where civil unrest is a daily threat and brutal soldiers patrol every street. A city where the poor fear a door-knock and the rich start at every shadow. A city that draws the confident and ambitious like moths to a flame, and then burns them to ash without a care.

The Coiled Crown offers a guided tour through every crumbling corner of this sick city and its surroundings. Pick and choose from the World of the Coiled Crown supplements that add versatile locations, memorable NPCs, and vast provinces to your game world. Or play through the Tales of the Coiled Crown, innovative adventures packed with exciting options, alternative endings, twisting plots, and perhaps even a sea shanty or two…

A World of Twisted Tales


‘Greetings, weary wanderer of the web. You may wonder how best to use The Coiled Crown’s wealth of whispering princes, crooked rookeries, and malicious monsters. That’s where I come in: Dr. Krowe, your guide to this twisted city. You’ll find me in every Coiled Crown contribution, explaining all the daring details so you can use them in your games. I’m here to warn you, to advise you, to entertain you. But, most importantly of all, I’m here to help you. I’m here to explain all the unexpected ways you use everything on offer within the decaying pages of The Coiled Crown…’



Krowe Notes

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World of the Coiled Crown • The Well of Bones

The Well of Bones is a skull-lined ossuary that

can add disquieting dread to all fantasy roleplaying settings. It includes an in-depth history of its mysterious creation and an entire order of ‘Sorrower’ NPCs to protect it. It also features a map pack, enough adventure hooks to form multiple campaigns, and a secret so dark that even we dare not read it!


'Join me as we take a tour of a glorious crypt unlike any other ever seen. But be careful. No matter how things may appear, its bone-lined halls are not empty. Something stirs deep within The Well of Bones...'


World of the Coiled Crown • Mother Hoarfrost

Mother Hoarfrost is a chilling monster that

can stalk the snowy nights of all fantasy roleplaying settings. It includes a complete breakdown of the cold-hearted spirit of winter, including system-agnostic statistics, details of her attendant ‘Frostlings’, the ‘Oatwives’ that tend them, and enough adventure hooks for an entire wintry campaign.


‘Let me introduce you to an old friend of mine. Known variously as Calley Retta, the Dreadwolf of Winter, and the Chatelaine of Savagery, this snow-bound spirit has borne many names, but I know her as Mother Hoarfrost…’


Tales of the Coiled Crown • Ship of Fools

Ship of Fools, a system-agnostic adventure for

all fantasy roleplaying, is coming soon. Subscribe to The Crow Post and keep an eye on The Clamour for the latest news.


‘Harken to the tragedy of the Evien. Though an unremarkable ship, when she docked with half her crew dead and her cabins choked with corpses, the terrible tale of what transpired became the legend of the Ship of Fools…’

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