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Pull back the curtain and step Inside the Rookery.


Every week, Rookery Publications hosts Inside the Rookery, a live podcast featuring special guests from across the games industry.

Inside the Rookery takes deep dives into the process of designing and developing your favourite games. It also offers insights into why games are built the way they are and how you can engage with them in different ways. Viewers can post questions live during every show, allowing you to lead the conversation in fresh, unexpected directions.

Ca-Caw! Ca-Caw!


Inside the Rookery also hosts regular Masterclasses covering topics as broad ranging as designing adventures and creating maps to building awesome RPG locations and how to work through creative blocks. These Masterclasses are aimed at beginners and experts alike, and we take questions live to ensure everything is understood.


Tricks of the Trade


The Rookery welcomes everyone. After all, rooks are gregarious by nature.

Our Discord community includes channels dedicated to games, books, films, and more, as well as all things Rookery. There are even special roosts for our Inside the Rookery patrons to gather!

And, of course, we’re also on Facebook, X, YouTube, and Instagram, and we have our blog, The Clamour, and our mailing list, The Crow Post.


Please, fly over and join us. CA-CAW!

A Clamorous Community

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