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Dark Deeds is a darkly humorous card game of skullduggery and suspicion for 2 to 5 players.

In Dark Deeds, players are cast as malicious minions in service to a powerful, mysterious, and clearly villainous Patron. In the service of this dark power, minions must perform acts of thievery, violence, and betrayal, all whilst avoiding suspicious authorities, interfering do-gooders, and the machinations of their rivals. Rich rewards await the most successful minion, alongside horrific punishments for those who fail.

Are you the kind of malevolent minion the Patron needs? Team players need not apply.

Welcome, aspirants, malcontents, felons, and footpads
The manifold designs of our peerless Patron require your attention

Within the Dark Deeds box, you can find a mighty stack of 150 beautifully illustrated cards. These represent the great port city of Anthrand's luckless citizens, vigilant constabulary, and the dreaded nemeses who confound the evil Patron.

Fortunately, there are also useful Loot and fiendish Plot cards to help you deal with the city's unsuspecting inhabitants. There are also the Dark Deed cards themselves – a deck of missions (nay demands!) from the shadowy Patron that must be completed to win all-important Favour.


Much of the cut-throat competition in Dark Deeds plays out on The Street, a game board where Anthrand's many citizens wander and your menacing minions prowl. Their fates are not just determined by the turn of a card, but also by the uncertain roll of the dice.

Also included within Dark Deeds' beautiful boxed set is a heap of Suspicion marks and the Most Suspicious Minion coin. These tokens track the ever-changing hierarchy of the many villainous minions, with games often turning on the size of your Suspicion stack.


Witness a two-player game of Dark Deeds in full swing. The street bustles with tempting targets, alongside watchful guards who are determined to foil your wicked schemes. Both minions have pilfered items of useful Loot: weapons, disguises, and a Faithful Steed. One has a Nemesis in pursuit – hopefully, something they'll 'take care of' before the game's end, perhaps even completing a valuable Dark Deed in the process!

Each dark deed performed brings our Patron closer to absolute supremacy
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