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Dark Deeds is a darkly humorous game of skullduggery and suspicion for 2 to 5 players. Conjured by the malevolent minds of Andy Chambers and Mark Gibbons, Dark Deeds has you play a malicious minion in the service of a powerful and villainous Patron. You perform acts of thievery, violence, and betrayal, all whilst avoiding suspicious authorities, interfering do-gooders, and the machinations of other minions. Rich rewards shall shower those who succeed. Horrific punishments await those who fail.


Every week, we host Inside the Rookery, a live podcast streamed to all major platforms featuring special guests drawn from across the games industry. The show takes deep dives into the process of designing and developing your favourite games, and also offers insights into why games are built the way they are and how we can engage with them in different ways. Viewers are invited to post questions live, allowing you to lead the conversation in fresh, unexpected directions. Inside the Rookery also hosts regular Masterclasses covering topics as broad ranging as designing adventures and creating maps to building awesome RPG locations and working through creative blocks.


The Coiled Crown is a dark and dangerous setting designed to expand all fantasy roleplaying games. Individually, each of its standalone supplements offer a different facet of our mysterious world for you to explore. Combined, its scenarios, bestiaries, and guides form an epic campaign quite unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Further, if you are looking for new rules, The Rookery is developing a modular RPG system to support The Coiled Crown. This works both as a standalone ruleset and as an expansion to all fantasy roleplaying games. So, whether you are searching for a fresh RPG system to try or simply wish to expand your favourite games, The Coiled Crown is for you.

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