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Come gaze upon our glorious new roost on the interwebs!

For months we've been pecking away at the grisly innards of our future games. And given some are finally about to see the light of day (or should that be the dark of night?), it's time for us to take a second stab at our website, and present something that's a bit more... us.

Welcome to the Rookery, it's definitely safe...

Here on the new website you'll find many dark delights to beguile your beady eyes, such as previews of forthcoming games, an introduction to our weekly podcasts, and even a rare glimpse into the mysterious Parliament of Rooks. But, the primary reason for frequent return flights to the Rookery website is this blog, The Clamour.

As you likely know, corvids are famously chatty birds, and we here at Rookery Publications are no different. The Clamour will pull together all our collected crowings alongside those of our feathered friends. It will also present our all-important Company News, some of which will be coming very, very soon.

We've started this blog for a reason after all.

But, before then, don't forget you can watch us weekly on Inside the Rookery (Season 7 has just begun), and can talk games or anything else with us over on the Rookery Discord.

Looking forward to embarking on this gaming journey with you all!



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